Worship music is a blissful and divine way of connecting with God. “Faithful Now” by Vertical Worship is one such wonderful song. This song is part of their album “Grace Is On Our Side”. This contemporary Christian and worship band is a part of the Harvest Bible Chapel. Signed to the Provident Label Group, they have released several popular albums. “Faithful Now” is one of their best tracks to date. Moreover, through powerful and inspiring lyrics, this song touches the soul. Vertical Worship also has a brilliant live performance of “Faithful Now”.

Message Behind This Song

“Grace Is On Our Side” is the band’s seventh album release. “Faithful Now” is one of the best tracks from this album. For instance, the song features soulful vocals and inspiring lyrics. There is a powerful message behind this melodious song. “Faithful Now” explains how our Lord is always by our side and shall guide us. With deep yet powerful lyrics like “I am holding on to faith. Cause I Know you’ll make a way. I don’t always understand; I don’t get to see. But I will believe it”. As a result, the Track radiates positivity and is truly inspiring. Vertical Worship wants to inspire faith in people. This track does a perfect job of connecting the listener with the Lord.

Worship Pastor Andi Rozier's Words

This song shines a light on promises, strength, and love. Love that cannot be there without the Lord. The song speaks on the faithfulness of God. Therefore, no matter what the situation, God will always remain faithful. His blessings and guidance shall rid us of all our miseries. Above all, the message behind this track is beautiful. Worship Pastor Andi Rozier explains. “The whole album is really remembering the grace of God. The ways that the Lord sustains you through your walk of life”. Overall, this is a soulful and divine track. Vertical Worship has also performed this song live. The live performance was phenomenal and was attended by thousands of fans.

Vertical Worship, which was previously known as Vertical Church Band, is dominating the worship music scene lately. Having released seven stellar albums, their music is loved all across the globe. In conclusion, “Faithful Now” is a great song that inspires faith from within. It shines a light on love, strength, and faithfulness. So, go ahead and check out “Faithful Now”. For more such Praise and Worship news and information, do check out our website – DLK Praise and Worship

You can check out Vertical Worship’s song “Faithful Now” HERE.