Jordan Alexander Feliz’s soulful new track “Next To Me” has been a solid-hit lately. This is one of the latest tracks from his album titled “Say It”. This is an inspiring and uplifting track that will fill your soul with positivity. The Gold-selling and Dove Award-winning artist and songwriter has been creating some sensational tracks lately. This contemporary Christian artist has been on the rise for the past few years. From the initial release of his debut album “The River” which was released back in 2016 to his latest album “Say It”. This Christian artist creates music that connects with the listener and energizes the soul.

Message Behind the Track

“Next To Me” is an uplifting and powerful new track. The message that Jordan wants to convey via his music is simple. He explains how his track “Next To Me” is all about how our Lord is always there with us. Our Lord Jesus is our compass, and all we have to do is look for his guidance. With his love and blessings by our side, we have nothing to fear. Nonetheless, the song has some inspiring lyrics that convey how God is always next to us, protecting us from all harm. Jordan believes that God has a plan for everyone, and he shall guide us on the right path.

Filled with energetic guitar playing and positive vibes, “Next To Me” is something we all need to hear during these challenging times. This track radiates positivity and inspires hope within the listener. Jordan wants us to believe in ourselves and our Lord. He wants us to understand how letting go of things that are not meant for us will lighten our souls and free our minds. This moves us closer to Jesus, directing us towards the right path. Overall, Jordan’s track “Next To Me” is truly inspirational and inspires hope within our souls. 

What Jordan Wants to Share

Jordan shares “I feel like ‘Next to Me’ is one of those songs that had to be written,” he said. “I have struggled my entire life with giving God full control of my life. I would always give Him facets of my world that I was comfortable with. Yet, I always knew He was lovingly pushing me to follow the compass He had designed to bring me back by His side, closer than ever. So this song is a push to give Him all your baggage, your ego, control, and whatever else you think you should hideaway. Because when you do, you find yourself closer to the Father than you ever thought possible”

“Next To Me” has a positive and uplifting message behind it. The way Jordan has put his emotions and feelings into this track is really remarkable. With deep yet powerful lyrics and Jordan’s soulful voice, “Next To Me” is a wonderful new track. So, go ahead and experience this divine and melodious track from Jordan’s latest album “Say It”.