Elevation Worship is a relatively new-ish band. Well, compared to the likes of Hillsong, Passion and Bethel Music. Nevertheless, they are already making waves in the contemporary Christian music scene. The band has been recording for the better part of the last decade, featuring members such as Mack Brock, Chris Brock, Wade Joye, and more. It’s essentially Elevation Church’s (pastored by Steven Furtick) in-house band. However, they also perform concerts and tours around the U.S. After years of performing, the band finally had their big break in 2016 with their single O Come to the Altar from their live album recording Here as in Heaven.

O Come to the Altar is an emotive and heartfelt song that speaks to everyone. It’s a song that inspires renewed hope through God. We live in troubling times – a time when everybody seems to be struggling with something. Many of us feel helpless, weary, and broken. If the title is anything to go by, this song calls us to the altar of God, for it is there that we shall find release from the burdens we bear. It’s an open invitation from God to us, that encourages us to leave our sins and regrets behind and turn to him. The depth of scripture in Elevation Worship’s O Come to the Altar is profound and it’s hard to think of a better song to sing after a sermon on God’s love for broken sinners.