If you’ve been active in the worship music scene, Tasha Layton is a name you can’t ignore. Being a singer, recording artist, songwriter, and worship leader, Tasha is a multi-talented individual. Her debut radio single “Love Lifting Me” was a CMM radio hit back in 2019. Since then, she has come a long way and has earned millions of fans with her soulful music. 

Early Life

Originally from Pauline, South Carolina, Tasha’s family was Southern Baptist. They moved to Assemblies of God when she was quite young. However, Tasha went through many struggles with her faith and tried out several different religions. Eventually, she came back to Christianity. Tasha got her Master of Divinity degree at The King’s Seminary and worked as a worship leader during that period. 

Music Career

Layton auditioned for season 9 of American Idol in 2010. She reached the third round but was sent home eventually. Soon after, she got a position as a background singer for Katy Perry. She also worked at Disneyland and Nickelodeon during this period. In 2018, Tasha signed to BEC Recordings and released her first single “I Belong to You”. Her second radio single “Into the Sea” is considered her breakthrough song.

Tasha’s Music Releases

In 2019, Tasha released her debut EP “Love Running Wild”. Her subsequent single “Love Lifting Me” was also featured on the Billboard Christian Airplay. 2020 saw the release of her second radio album “Into the Sea”. It was a huge success and was featured at number nine on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart. In 2021, Tasha released her single “Look What You’ve Done” which became the number one song on Billboard Christian Airplay Chart

Being an extremely talented artist, Tasha has earned recognition in the worship music scene. She is married to producer and musician Keith Everette Smith. 

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