The eight-time Grammy Nominee artist Natalie Grant has released her tenth studio album titled ‘No Stranger’ which is truly an amazing collection of melodious harmonies. Recorded at London’s famous Air Studios, this album is the result of pure passion and dedication of both Natalie and her husband Bernie Harems, who is a Grammy-winning songwriter and producer. ‘No Stranger’ is her tenth studio album and it follows her pervious successful release ‘Be One’, which was released in 2015. Now, after a period of almost five years, Natalie Grant is back with another stellar creation, and she has put her heart and soul into the making of this gorgeous album. ‘No Stranger’ is now out on all the major music streaming platforms.

Since the release of her phenomenal album, it has sold around thirty-three thousand units, making it the biggest album of her musical career. And ‘No Stranger’ has also scored a position in the top fifteen on the Billboard 200 chart. The album contains eleven gorgeous songs, each having a charm of its own. Her music showcases her immense belief in God and how her journey has been graceful and wonderful with the Lord on her side. Natalie explained in a statement “In the last few years, through deep valleys and victories, my awareness of God’s presence in my life has awakened like never before. It’s not like He became more available, I just became more aware, and that has changed everything”. The way she has created divine and blissful music is truly on a whole new level.

Tracks such as “Face To Face” and “Praise You In This Storm” show and demonstrate Natalie’s experience and connection with the lord, and her music conveys how God speaks to us in different ways, while it is all upon us to follow and believe in him. With powerful lyrics and breathtaking vocals, Natalie has truly created dynamic yet melodious music, which inspires belief and devotion towards the Lord. With powerful and inspiring music, this album is one of the hottest releases in the Christian music genre, and each song strengthens our connection with God. “These songs were birthed out of a reawakening to the presence of God in my everyday life, and this project was created in hopes that we would not just capture that experience lyrically, but sonically” shares Natalie.

Since the release of her debut album “Natalie Grant”, Natalie has had a remarkable music career. She has given the Christian music genre some truly mesmerizing music. This iconic Christian music singer has amassed more than five million streams and created multiple hit albums, which have been featured on the Billboard Charts. Along with her music career, Natalie is also a well-known philanthropist and has co-founded ‘Hope for Justice’ which is a non-profit organization that fights against human trafficking. So go ahead and experience this marvelous new album by Natalie, and let her music strengthen your bond with God through melody and harmony.

Check out the gorgeous music album “No Stranger” HERE