The Christian music singer and songwriter Matt Redman has released a mesmerizing acoustic video for his track “Jesus Your Name”. With his blissful voice, Matt has been creating divine melodies. And this latest video is a powerful and inspiring video that will fill your hearts with melody and joy. Being a world-famous worship leader and musician, he is a two time Grammy Award-winning artist for his single “10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord). With pure melody, talent, and his ever-strengthening belief in the Lord, Matt Redman continues to impress his audience with wonderful music that inspires belief and love toward the Lord. His latest acoustic video for “Jesus Your Name” is now out and can be viewed on YouTube.

The acoustic video for the beautiful Christian song was premiered on YouTube and features Matt singing gracefully while playing the piano, and various other musicians compliment the song with instruments such as guitar and other smooth effects. The song has a soothing and peaceful ambiance, and inspires belief towards our Lord, and explains through melodies how he is always there with us. The lyrics are deep yet meaningful and blend in perfectly with the music. 

Listen closely and you shall understand how Matt is explaining his belief in the Lord through these beautiful words “O Your name is my first defense; O Your name is my last amen. It carries me when I cannot stand, it reaches me when I reach the end”. His love and belief in the Lord are showcased through this inspiring song.

Overall the message in this track is that Jesus is the “Prince of Peace” and “The Lord of All”. And with powerful lyrics, Matt has created a stellar song that perfectly showcases how our Lord is always there for us and shall guide us in life. He has everything planned for us and when one door closes, he shall open a hundred more. This song was written by Matt Redman, Jacob Sooter, Josh Sooter, Josh Silverberg, and Lindsey Sweat.

Overall, this song is a great new release by the talented Christian musician and worship leader. Having released over sixteen albums, written eight books, and help start three church-plants, he is a truly devoted and passionate individual. Throughout his remarkable career, he has believed in giving back to the society as the Lord has blessed him in all aspects of his life. So go ahead and experience this sensational new song by Matt Redman and dwell into the divine world of harmonious melodies. 

Check out the new video HERE