Laura Story’s background is the stuff of inspiration. But, it only gets more profound once you learn of the details that make it. She won the 2012 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Song for her single ‘Blessings.’ It was her first time receiving an award for her music, but this doesn’t complexly capture her rich musical background. Laura Story had a solid background in making Contemporary Christian music. In fact, she began music when she met Shane Williams of the Silers Band. An outfit she identified with until 2002 when she ventured solo. She was the bass player for the band, and together they released four independent albums.

Story’s first solo album’s ‘Indescribable’ title track was released by Chrism Tomlin in his album “Arriving.” This version of the song peaked at number 2 on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs. It later made it into the compilation album ‘Passion: How Great Is Our God.’ This was not to be the only chart-topping hit she had. Three independent albums later, she released ‘Blessings’ in 2011. It enjoyed great fame, including a number one spot in Billboards Christian songs chart. Indeed, in line with her spirit of counting your blessings even in tough situations.

In 2005, Laura and Martin Elvington tied the knot. And despite her husband getting a brain tumor diagnosis, Laura kept at it. This was a life-changing moment, but it brought them together. This inspired her to release a 30-day devotional book, ‘What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops?’ It contained prayers, thoughts, quotes, and a journal for users to count their blessings in. Laura now hopes to be a blessing and inspire people who crave normalcy to embrace the blessings in their lives