The amazingly talented multi-platinum selling Hillsong UNITED have recently released a gorgeous track titled ‘Another in The Fire – Live”. This track is from their amazing music EP called “Another in The Fire”. The way they have created this song is something truly remarkable and it connects the listener with a higher power. With soulful singing and powerful melodies, their music goes in through the ears and straight to the heart. Their album “Another in the Fire” is written by Chris Davenport and Joel Houston. This phenomenal band is one of the best in the Christian music industry. With a desire and goal to unite people with the Lord’s blessing, Hillsong UNITED are on their way to creating a harmonious and blissful world.

This gorgeous song is filled with soul-soothing vocals and deep yet inspiring lyrics, which provokes a feeling of unity and love. The message behind this amazing song is how it explains the truth, that we are not alone in this journey called life, and no matter what the circumstance be in any season, our Lord Jesus is always there with us, guiding and protecting us in each and every path of life. The song has been created with the hope and belief that people will connect and unite, and with God’s blessing, we shall all be united. The way Hillsong UNITED has combined beautiful voice with heart touching melodies is something worth experiencing.

Worship music has the power to unite, motivate, and inspire people, and Hillsong UNITED’s music truly has magic in its melodies. Throughout the lyrics of the song, the message that is being conveyed is simple, it explains how our Lord is always looking out for us and shall guide us in this journey of life. The live performance of this song was filled with passion and energy, which connected people and strengthened their belief in the Lord. The song “Another in the Fire” is featured on UNITED’s latest album titled “PEOPLE”. UNITED hopes that their music shall give people the strength and courage to go forward in life and have faith in the lord, as he will always be there with us.

In challenging times such as now, UNITED hopes that their music will give people the hope and inspiration to battle this problem out. Hillsong UNITED has been creating some beautiful and motivational tracks lately. The aim of this worship music band is simple; to unite and bring people together from different circumstances and all walks of life. Their belief in God and his powers that shall unite and connect us all is stronger than ever, and with this latest release, they aim to spread the power of belief amongst everyone. So go ahead and experience this sensational new live version of “Another in the Fire”, and connect your soul with the Lord through music.

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