Brandon Lake has recently released his new and amazing single called “I Need a Ghost”, which is the first track from his highly anticipated upcoming album titled ‘House of Miracles’ slated for release later this year. Brandon is an incredibly talented artist with a phenomenal voice. His music goes straight to the heart and is bound to make you addicted to it. The GRAMMY-nominated, Dove Award-winning Bethel Music singer/songwriter Brandon Lake’s new track is now out on all the major music streaming platforms. The track has been written by Brandon lake and Joshua Silverberg and produced by David Leonard.

Brandon is a talented upcoming songwriter and singer. He is truly passionate and has devoted his entire energy and focus toward music and worship. The blues driven artist says he derives this power and passion to create beautiful melodies from the Holy Spirit. Brandon says “The track came to me unlike any other song I’d ever received,” he shares. “It was dropped into my spirit as I was sitting in my car and I wrote the entire song without an instrument. It’s an honest reflection of what I was feeling and wanted to say in that moment. You can look to a lot of things in this world to fill a void or be entertained, but the Holy Ghost is where we find true relationship. When Jesus left this earth He gave us His Spirit, and if I’ve received that gift, I can look inward to find what I need.”

Brandon wants to convey his message through his music, that our Lord is always there for us, he shall guide us and take our spirit on the true path. He adds “Hopefully God can use this song to encourage other people the way it’s spoken to me; I’m not playing games; I’m not here to entertain. I want every breath to be enveloped by the Spirit of God and to be used by Him. I’ve only got one life and I want to live it abundantly in relationship with the Father.”

‘I Need a Ghost’ is a track which is basically a picture into Brandon’s life and the journey in realizing that this world can offer a lot of things, but nothing can satisfy like the Spirit of God. He truly believes that our Lord has planned everything for us and he does what is best suited for our wellbeing. His music is truly inspiring and will motivate you to take on any challenge that life throws at you.

The music label and worship ministry, Bethel Music, has a collection of some incredibly amazing world-renowned singers, songwriters, and worship leaders which includes Brandon Lake. He is also known for his collaborations with some of the worship movement’s most influential names, including Matt Redman, Elevation Worship, Passion, and Housefires, among many others. This phenomenal artist is definitely one of the best we have ever seen in this genre, and we expect many more such beautiful and inspiring tracks from him in the future. So go ahead and experience this sensational new track and let it take your senses to a whole new level.

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