The Christian musician, guitarist, and drummer ‘Daniel Jobiah Bremnes’ or better known as Dan Bremnes has released a beautiful new music video for his track “Going Together”. This latest creation of Dan takes us back to his roots with just a guitar and his soulful voice, creating a beautiful song. The video includes his wife Brittney Bremnes, and the couple can be seen together singing and passionately creating this blissful acoustic version of ‘Going Together’. The music video for ‘Going Together’ is out now.

The song ‘Going Together’ is a gorgeous track with deep and meaningful lyrics. The way Dan has put together his guitar and melodious voice make it a perfect song. It reflects their love story and how Dan met Brittney when she was seventeen and ever since their journey together began. The lyrics are all about how Dan wishes for him and his wife to be together forever, to support each other and spend their life together. He hopes and has faith that the Lord will always guide them and never part their ways. His faith and belief in the Lord is strong, and he envisions his wife and him both hand in hand in their old age, with a life full of memories, still romantic and passionate about each other. The song in itself is a masterpiece, and the guitar complements the soulful voice of Dan and his wife.

The video for ‘Going Together’ is a simple but amazing one. With Dan and his wife Brittney creating melodious vocals, the acoustic guitar blends in perfectly, and overall the video has a rustic vibe to it which adds to the charm of the song. Dan shares that the song and video have a deep meaning to it, and he explains how life is full of unexpected twists and turns, but in the end, it is all worth it because they are together. It is a beautiful track with pure love and romance oozing out of each melody.

Dan was born in Kamloops, British Colombia to a Pastor father, and ever since his faith and belief in the Lord have been growing strong. He believes that God will give him the power and strength to continue in life, and always look out for his family. His career has been amazing with some fantastic music albums like ‘Your Strength’, ‘Where The Light Is’ and ‘Wherever I Go’. Some of his tracks like ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Wherever I Go’ have been super hit and ranked on the top of Billboard Magazine’s Christian Songs chart. He is a super talented artist and this latest music video shows how passionate and dedicated he is towards his musical creations.

So go ahead and enjoy the beautiful video and let his music take you away!

Check out the Acoustic Music video for ‘Going Together’ HERE