The Christian music duo and four-time Grammy-winning for KING & COUNTRY recently collaborated with country artists Hannah Ellis and Jackson Michelson for their new song “Together”. This latest release is the new and fresh version of their initial release “Together: A Night of Hope” which was streamed and debuted in March 2020. As music has the power to inspire, spread positivity, and hope, their track has been inspiring and connecting people together during these challenging times. Their track “Together” was pioneering the Billboard Christian Charts and was a super-hit amongst fans. This latest version of “Together” is an exciting new track that features soulful vocals, perfect blends of guitars, banjos, violins, and is truly a mesmerizing song.

The music duo For KING & COUNTRY had initially released their track “Together” during March 2020 when the world was battling with Covid-19 and needed some positivity and strength. The talented brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone streamed this track which went on to become a super hit that dominated the charts and was a stellar creation. Now after teaming up with the sensational country artists Hannah Ellis and Jackson Michelson, they have added a classy feel to the track and have fused various musical elements to the track creating a wonderful song. With instruments like the guitar, banjo, and violin, “Together” is a fresh and beautiful new track that will definitely energize your soul.

Music is a form of magic and both For KING & COUNTRY and music artists Hannah Ellis & Jackson Michelson have a similar goal and desire, that is to support and inspire people during these challenging times. With their powerful and melodious music, they plan on inspiring millions. This latest release is a wonderful example of how melody and powerful yet soothing vocals combined together can create music that energizes the soul and connects people, forming bonds and strengthening unity. The music duo For KING & COUNTRY commented “In a time where this virus is not isolated to one people group or country or social class – it has become the great equalizer,” explains Joel and Luke Smallbone. “It is helping us all reconsider this beautiful concept that we all bleed the same blood. And if we are able to unite, and support — be a neighbor to someone, serve someone, reach out to someone – how might those acts of kindness change the scope of our futures, together?”

With the release of “Together”, both For KING & COUNTRY and country artists Hannah Ellis & Jackson Michelson have given us a wonderful new song that inspires hope, unity, and strength. With a touch of country music combined with fresh new vibes, this track is what we all need to power through these challenging times and let music fill our lives with positivity and energy. So go ahead and experience this wonderful new track by For KING & COUNTRY and Hannah Ellis & Jackson Michelson and let their music take you away!

Check out the track “Together” HERE