Author: Karan D. - DLK Music Pro

Dante Bowe’s Sensational New Track “Joyful”

With present-day creation needing more and more contemporary worship artists, Dante Bowe has dedicated his life to making contemporary worship music for the church. The American-based gospel artist has recently released his latest album. “Circles,” which has songs like “Joyful,” “Love is in the air,” and “Over and Over”…

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Jordan Feliz’s Soulful Track – “Next To Me”

Jordan Alexander Feliz’s soulful new track “Next To Me” has been a solid-hit lately. This is one of the latest tracks from his album titled “Say It”. This is an inspiring and uplifting track that will fill your soul with positivity. The Gold-selling and Dove Award-winning artist and songwriter has been creating some sensational tracks lately. This contemporary Christian artist has been on the rise for the past few years.

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Danny Gokey’s Latest Music Video for “New Day”

Grammy nominee and Dove Award-winning Christian recording artist Danny Gokey recently released a new music video for his popular song “New Day”. The song “New Day” is a combination of soulful melodies and deep lyrics that create an uplifting and inspiring musical experience. The music video is a perfect match to the peppy song where Danny can be seen in an airplane hangar moving to the beats of his music. We all need positivity and hope during these challenging times, and that’s exactly what Danny aims to spread with his music.

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